Below you will find some examples of Friendly work over the years. A mixture of business development, research, prototyping, art projects, etc.


Friendly Insulation

Isolen was a Friendly project, where we developed an ecological insulation material that earlier didn't exist on the Swedish market. It can be regarded one of our most successful processes, stretching from 2010-2014. Isolen was also granted financial support twice from the EU Leader program, considered very interesting from their rural development perspective.
Isolen have been a large scale study, investigating the feasability for future local manufacturing of ecological sheeps wool insulation products, in a part of Skåne where the frequency of sheep and long-term unemployed are equally high.

During the Isolen project we have been:
– mapping current and future sheep industry in Sweden
– investigating the Swedish market for ecological building materials
– developing logistics for collection of wool
– implementing market research
– developing brochures, websites, etc
– creating an administrative unit
– developing social enterprise business models
– etc

The project has been taken over by another organization, from January 2015. For this reason we have unpublished both project websites. However, the sites are still available through the Friendly Development website.
Here you can find the site for the development part of the IsoLen project:

Here a link to the archived marketing website:


Friendly Media & Communication

This is our department for marketing; layout, copy, website production, visualizations, maps, packaging, etc. Friendly Media offer products and services on a professional level, for internal needs and for the open market.
mail: media@friendlygruppen.se
phone: +46 - 10 - 209 29 10

Examples of Friendly Media production:
– development of interactive map applications
– website development
– photo and layout
– sound- and videorecording, editing
– layout and print of books and brochures

Media is part of Friendly Development in all cities where we have co-working spaces.


Friendly Support

The Friendly service team, taking care of a multitude of tasks that need to be performed in order for our large operation to tick.

As an internal service provider, FS works with:

– transport
– maintenance
– cleaning, cooking
– computer service
– coaching
– sales and marketing
– carpentry and repair
– prototyping
– mapping and documentation
– ...and more...

Friendly Support is primarily working internally, but we are also developing business models which will enable us to make some of the services available on the open market.


The Proud District

Project for Gamlegården, Kristianstad.

Proud District (Stolt Stadsdel) was a development project that aimed at developing systems for sustainable living in the district of Gamlegården.

Gamlegården have had an enormous influx of immigrants over the last decade, unemployment is rampant and most of the people that live here have little or no experience of the implications of living in a Swedish rental housing complex.
Our project plan was to engage as many tenants as possible in a collaborative process, aiming at creating a sustainable environment, with a fruitful mix of living, work and recreation.

Proud District aimed at strengthening the community, facilitating transfer of knowledge and experience between people, cultures and generations. We want to support emerging societal entrepreneurs that have the potential to transform this area into an economically, socially and environmentally resilient district.

The project went through a mapping phase, where we tried to create sustainable collaborations, primarily with AB Kristianstadsbyggen which owns and manages the district. After Friendly left Kristianstad 2012, the project was closed.


The Knowledge Bridge

Older people have a sense for sustainable living - they were doing this long before the term was even invented…
For the purpose of preserving this hands-on knowledge for future generations, this project was about making interviews with elderly people, to get to know more about farming techniques before mechanization, old recipes and methods of preservation, handicraft, etc.

In 2011-2012 we implemented a test-round where material was collected mostly from women in some homes for elderly people in Kristianstad and Tomelilla.