We challenge political and economical beliefs taken for granted in society, by means of developing products and services suited for a more resilient future.


Below are examples of the curiosity-driven product- and service development that was our hallmark during the period 2010-2015. Since 2013 we are in the Friendly process of transforming into a more explorative enterprise focusing on radical analysis and aiming for systemic innovation. Please contact us for more information.


Stronger focus from 2015

Friendly Development is now strengthening our focus on local and regional development.
For that reason we've made some changes in our organization. Firstly, we have decided to close our operation in Landskrona, secondly we have moved our office in Eastern Skåne from Tomelilla to Simrishamn.
The purpose is to strengthen our geographical presence in the Malmö Region, as well as in both Österlen and North Eastern Skåne.
On our contact page you can find more details on new visiting addresses, etc


The Friendlyist: New Futures in Swedish

The Friendlyist is a magazine style blog covering development for change, started by Friendly Development. The publication contains feature articles as well as links to international publications and the idea is make new ideas and an international discussion more accessible for Swedish readers.
The editors, David Ottvall and Anders Lord, are both experienced journalists and their aim with the site is "to produce articles and link to miscellaneous interesting stuff" under the headline: We're already living in the future; the world is no longer what we are used to. New exciting ways to organize society emerges."
Go directly to The Friendlyist.


Kamrer Direkt, the Instant Bookkeeper is an Friendly Accountant Consultant working primarily with small enterprises and specializing in administration and bookkeeping for artists as well as organizations in the cultural sector, .
Kamrer Direkt AB stands for professional competence, personal service, flexibility, decent pricing and social responsibility.
More info (in Swedish)


A really cool computer chassi project took place 2013-14 at the Friendly Landskrona space. Loffe Larsson set out to construct his chassi from scratch, in this prototype targeting the top level market. You can follow the process at Loffe's personal building log. You will find the latest development here.
There is also a Facebook page with documentation as well as an image gallery.


Isolen recently participated in the Malmömässan Fair. We met a lot of people, most of whom without particular interest in, or knowledge about, ecological insulation or natural building materials. Introducing a new product on the market, requires a lot of both learning and teaching! Sydsvenskan, the leading newspaper in the region, showed interest in writing about the next building project which involves insulation with Isolen. Great!


Isolen has imported a brand new wool comprimator from New Zeeland. This beauty will help us boost our wool-collecting enterprise in southern Sweden :)


Friendly Development participated in Socap: Designing the Future, an international conference on Impact investment & Social entrepreneurship, in Malmö, May 8 - 10

More info about the conference:
Socap: Designing the Future


Potential partnership in Wales

Friendly Development recently visited Black Mountain Insulation in Wales, to discuss a more profound collaboration around marketing and sales of natural insulation products in Sweden. Our discussions were very constructive and a fruitful partnership may very well be the long-term result.


Friendly Second-Hand Bookshop supports jailed Swedes in Ethiopia

Lars Persson who is in charge of our bookshop in Vinslöv, have decided to participate in a project to set up a prison library in the Kality-prison in Ethiopia. The library project is run by the two recently imprisoned Swedish journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye.
The bookshop also runs several other projects aiming at providing free quality litterature to the general public. Read more in a recently published article (swedish) in Norra Skåne.


Can social enterprising be more efficient than traditional non-profit? This video from The Social Enterprise Fund makes an effort to explain why.


Successful test-manufacturing

The Isolen Development Project recently conducted some lab-tests at Stummer Konstruktion in Germany. The objective was to test whether it's possible to manufacture a wholly organic product, to improve the design + optimize the future manufacturing process. The results so far have been very encouraging.


Swap 'til You Drop III

Welcome to a Clothes-Swapping-Party, a night with music, clothes, coffee, anti- consumption and charity!
Upgrade your wardrobe for free and take the opportunity to use our stage - maybe for a stand-up act, or some music?

It's a simple concept: everyone brings clothes and accessories, things they don't use anymore and give them away! Browsing among all this stuff is a super- bargain: it's totally free!

We're open from 5PM and all night. Bring all your friends, young and old. We will provide coffee, tea and juice (and hope for the potluck :)

Are you (or some of your friends) interested in playing some music during the night - please let us know! Mail, Facebook or Phone: Olivia, 0738-226906, Moa, 0702-939945 - or to everybody (at) plan3studio.com


Find our Friendly Spaces!

One of our co-workers, Agneta in Landskrona, is responsible for the project AxMaps. She has produced this interactive map, where you can see where in Skåne we currently have offices. For more contact info, see contact

Visa Friendlygruppen på en större karta


Architecture and biomimicry

How can architects build a new world of sustainable beauty? By learning from nature. At TEDSalon in London, Michael Pawlyn describes three habits of nature that could transform architecture and society: radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun.


CitySynth 1.0

We are currently discussing a research project with the department for interactive design at K3, University of Malmoe (Art, Culture and Communication), based on our idea for an interactive synthesizer:
CitySynth 1.0: a tool for experiments, play and design concerning urban environments and urban planning.

Sounds surrounding us is a crucial part of the human experience of space, and also tell stories about places we visit. Our ambition with CitySynth 1.0 is to create new possibilities for the use of sound as an active parameter in contemporary urban development.
We now seek collaborations with urban planners and architects, interested in experimenting together with us.

Don't hesitate to get in touch!


Isolen in China

Isolen recently visited a number of Chinese manufacturers of non-woven products.
Ms Gina Yang, from Isolen, (no 2 from the left) is here seen visiting ThermalFLeece in Shanghai. On the picture, she is surrounded by the CEO, Mr Wang, Ms Georgia Mao and Ms Shirley Wang.

Read more about the Isolen project


Plan3 on Supermarket!

Plan3 Art&Innovation is exhibiting at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, February 19 -21. We are inviting exhibitors as well as visitors to participate in our transient investigation of gaps: SPACES BETWEEN.

Tape Gallery will function as a mapping tool during the fair, the interactive sound art piece UNABRIDGED will provide the visitors a unique opportunity to acquire large parts of the occidental cultural heritage in just minutes, the Cheer Leading Machine will momentarily turn its back on sports, for the purpose of supporting THE ART WORLD!

Opening hours: Friday, February 19th 12PM-10PM, Saturday, February 20th, 11AM-8PM, Sunday, February 21st, 11AM-6PM

More info:
Plan 3 Studio
Tape Gallery